Thursday 22 May 2014

Sunrise with the Swan family a morning well worth setting my alarm for :-)

Now that the cygnets have hatched and are returning to the nest at night then leaving the nest at sunrise my next project can begin. I new my window was short to get photos of them at the nest especially with the orange glow of the summer sun rising over them. The night before I set my alarm for 6am so I would be up early and off in my kayak to get the shots I wanted plus I had packed some oats in my kayak in case they were aggressive. I need not have worried as they were very calm and allowed me to get close to them in an area of cleared reeds that they had used to build up there nest in case the water level rises.
Flash coming to say hello
Everybody up
I'm off
Flash keeps an eye on some Canada Geese crossing the lake
I was so happy to get these shots of a common and often taken for granted bird in such stunning light and in the privacy of there nesting area made the experience one of the best photo sessions of the year so far.

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