Sunday 20 February 2011

Project revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been thinking about a new conservation project and I have recently discovered a small area of land 0.21 acres down by my local river the Dane where Otters, kingfishers and other wildlife passes through the area for sale so I am trying to a find a way to buy it as I have always wanted an area of land where I can help wildlife by creating a place for them to rest without being disturbed by dogs and other human disruptions.
The land is £10.000 and the idea would be to fence of the area off leaving a gap so creatures can come in and out but keeping dogs and people out so it would be an area where wildlife can go and remain undisturbed. Its all at dream at the minute and but in my mind I would love to build a pond where Kingfishers and Otters may feed aswell as a build a holt with cameras built in which is the easy part but first I must raise the cash first to buy the land.

This would really helpout alot of wildlife especially in the winter by providing a pond with fish which we could break the ice so kingfishers can feed because this winter all the water sources became frozen so they had know where to hunt and the population really has been hit hard.

Any ideas or thoughts on this project would be most grateful.



  1. wow that sounds great :) it's quite a bit of money to be raised, but isn't there any organisations that would be willing to fund and/or sponsor ? Perhaps begin a internet campaign, based on social networking to spread the word and hopefully get people to donate some money and help out.
    Also, sites like PIFWORLD and such may help fundraise some money!
    it sounds exciting, and it would be lovely if this dream would come true!
    Good Luck