Saturday 29 November 2014

Patrolling the local canals to keep the wildlife safe

Over the past few weeks I have started going for a night walk with a small group of wildlife lovers. Lately while walking we have noticed people not known to the area parking up and heading out with torches and species of dogs used for hunting at last light. So to put off these individuals from there activities we have been regularly checking the canal stretches and rural car parks along the T&M for suspicious behavior. As most of the group walks the canals regularly we know who's who and would recognize vehicle that are new to the area but we record number plates in case we find anything untoward. This afternoon we observed and kept an eye on 2 eastern Europeans in camouflage paying lots of attention to a local boaters cargo and as we have had reports of this activity where people come down to research an area then return at night with nets to catch fish and any other water bird life they can catch. As the T&M area of my local patch is where I do lots of filming of wildlife I feel that I am giving back by protecting and patrolling the area to make sure there safe from any human harm especially over the quiet and dark Winter months when boaters are scarce. The canal tow paths at this time of year maybe muddy and slippery but in the darkness there peaceful and on a clear night to get away from the bright streets lights and look up at the stars is a very calming experience.

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