Tuesday 20 August 2013

More BS from UU about bank destruction

Reply from United Utillities about the Kingfisher nest destruction

Dear Mike

I believe one of my colleagues contacted you recently regarding one of your tweets which claimed United Utilities had destroyed a kingfisher nest.

The company has comprehensively looked into this serious allegation and cannot find any evidence which suggests the damage was caused by United Utilities. In fact, we have not carried out any work at all on this private land.

One of our land agents visited the location you gave us last week and found the land belongs to a company called “Ineos” which has no links whatsoever with United Utilities (see photo attached). It operates a pumping station and water storage reservoir in the area. We in no way claim Ineos is to blame for any environmental damage, but give you this information to clarify United Utilities has played no role in this incident.

I believe you said some of the workers on site may have been wearing clothes featuring the United Utilities logo – and this probably explains why you mistakenly thought this was our work. This workwear issue is something we are very annoyed about and will look into it further, as only our employees or contractors working on our schemes should be wearing this gear.

I’d be grateful if you could remove the tweet from August 4. Also, we would appreciate you making a further tweet which clarifies that after receiving further information you now know United Utilities played no role in this incident.

As you may be aware, United Utilities takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. You can find out more about what we do here http://corporate.unitedutilities.com/corporate-responsibility-environment.aspx

Also, as a wildlife enthusiast, we’d be very happy to show you our Sustainable Catchment Management Programme (SCaMP), which is explained in more detail on the website and is a good example of the good work we do on land we own. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll ask our catchment team to arrange this. 

A load of BS and rubbish if you ask me and passing the buck as United Utilities vehicles have also been seen in the area it's good that United Utilities let these company's who they have nothing to do with use there clothes and cars.

Hmmm reply is being written as I finish this blog...

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