Tuesday 24 September 2013

I am back with a plan!!

After a month away from blogging I have decided to get it back up and running with a stunning sighting while I was kayaking the other morning on my local lake where I have been working on conservation.
While removing some water weeds on the edge of the lake which have covered over some great mud banks perfect for wading birds and as I was working I spotted a small bird in the middle of the lake. After about 5 minutes in the low light it began to call just before sunrise it was then I realized what it was a common bird in most places but for my local patch a first for the summer months.
As the sun broke the horizon I managed to get a glorious low light shot with golden light breaking behind the Little Grebe.
As i mimicked its call it came closer to me but stayed at a distance which got me a few shots before cloud cover blocked out the sun. 
Not a rare bird but one of my top 5 birds and a really nice encounter for a sunny, calm and warm morning at one of my favorite spots that I am lucky enough to live near and a new project could help more people to get the same feeling of peace and get some great views and footage of wildlife.
Low light shots from the bank
David & Goliath
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