Friday 5 July 2013

Swan family on the canal - The McDonald family

As usual I was out and about on my local patch seeing what was around and on the Shropshire union canal we found the McDonald family had one new member a cute little fluffy cygnet and both adults were on guard so it's looking good for this young one having the full attention and protection of 2 parents means that predators won't be an issue.
It seems like the local Mute Swans are either failing or having a small success rate due to the cold weather before spring finally arrived but as there are a group of 40-50 Mute Swans at the gathering spot maybe there is a lack of food in the area or bad luck but either way I will not be kayaking with a family group of Mute Swans this year but hopefully in 2014 things will be better. 
My local pair of Mute Swans Flash and Snow are having the a break on breeding this year as they whole clutch died due to heavy rain earlier in the year. It was really nice to see them on the river feeding & resting up so hopefully there bad luck is behind them and next year the weather maybe in there cygnets favor.

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