Saturday 6 July 2013

Go pro + a Raven at Llandudno's West shore

As I decided to give Conwy RSPB a miss due to needing a rest from kayaking we decided upon having a rest day with plenty of fast food and a few hours relaxing by the sea. We decided on heading off to the West shore and as we arrived at dinner time I felt like some proper seaside fish and chips which ended up attracting one of my favorite birds the Raven.
 As I have photographed Ravens here before but I was not sure if they would show up but our luck was in as both adults showed up. I was hoping to photograph the Raven's fledglings as there nest is somewhere high up above the west shore on the Great Orme cliffs.
The birds landed on the sea wall and waited to see if there was anybody giving any scraps away to the gulls in the area. I decided to place my Go pro on the wall with some Fish & chip scraps to try and get some close up shots with Orme in the background.
 I managed to get a few shots with different color tones in the 
backgrounds of the photographs as it makes the Ravens stand out more in the photos.
The Raven's were nervous at first with the Go pro and so was I with leaving it on the sea wall and every time a person walked towards I had to move just in case somebody decided to steal it. I also had to keep the Gulls off the food so that there 
would be some left for the Ravens when they returned from feeding the chicks at the nest.
DSLR view of the shot I could have got but was not comfortable about leaving that on the wall
The gulls tried to get a few chips
 I managed to get a nice piece of footage of the Raven coming in and eating the food then posing in front of the Great orme before flying off to the other adult waiting on the beach.
A lazy day with some good photographs and to top it off the sunset was stunning after a day of rest I felt ready for the next day and I had a trip to some Sea bird cliffs planned but not by kayak this time.
View of the Great Orme from the Little Orme
West shore
I wanted to return to the West shore to get more Go pro footage and to see if the young Ravens had fledged joining there parents on the West shore beach to get food that the hundreds of holiday makers leave behind.

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