Thursday 4 July 2013

Diarie short - Bee Orchids and Stoats :-(

On my second week in North Wales I was meant to be going to RSPB Conwy  to meet up with a friend but because of the eventful kayaking trip the day before so I had to cancel as I was aching all over from pushing my body beyond it's limits as trying to control kayak with heavy camera gear inside and paddling against some really big waves really does get your blood flowing and tires you out. 
Last year there were Stoats and Bee Orchids were the best subjects in June last year and everything seems later this year the Orchids were just coming up and the Stoats are only just getting seem on the estuary. I think I have missed both this year but as I photographed them both last year I just wanted to see both again and try to improve on last years photographs.
Here's what I photographed at RSPB Conwy last year the beautiful Bee Orchid
Taken on my Iphone
and my favorite moment of 2012 the Stoats
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