Thursday 10 January 2013

New kit alert!!!!!!!!

So with the whole wildlife film idea in my head I have been thinking about how I could get the most unique shots possible and then I thought that if I could get aerial shots of the lake then that would be unique enough for me and provide some amazing footage for this film as well as other filming ideas which I will be revealing over the next 12 months. Then I saw this a Quadcopter which can carry a Gopro up very high to get some amazing shots from above and as I already have a Gopro it would be perfect for the copter and the footage looks so smooth.
The Quadcopter is a fantastic piece of kit but is highly priced at over £450 so I will have to really think about spending that amount of cash with lots of other kit and trips to pay for.

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  1. Hi Mike, I have just found your Blogs, really very informative, I look forward to seeing many more. Regards, Trev.