Tuesday 1 January 2013

1st target of 2013 - Otter holt repair

As it's the first day of a new year I have decided to grab the bull by the horns and start like I mean to go on and so I thought I will begin with the Otter Holt repair that needs doing. A few years ago I photographed an Otter nearby but since then the Holt area has become more exposed and has collapsed so I have come up with a way to fix it using clay and fencing in the same way builders use cement and wooden blocks to strengthen brick walls. I will begin on the green area as this is the smallest part of the area that needs fixing to see if my idea will work.
I will be using a cement finishing tool with the clay and compacting between to pieces of wired together fencing then hopefully I can build layers and hide any trace of the wire building a natural looking bank that should be reclaimed by nature over the rest of the year if I can get it done before spring.
I am hoping the Otters will return if I can get it up to scratch by putting some straw in and then a camera wired away from the Otter Holt so I have no need to go any where near once the work has been completed.

More photos to follow as I get the work started.

Thanks for reading

Before and after

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