Sunday 23 September 2012

Return of an old friend on the Little orme

On the last day of the trip we were heading back to our base of operations for the day to get ready for some night time filming at the town of Llandudno so as it relates to this, one of the the next posts will feature that. We decided to walk back over the little orme to check on the bays alongside the orme for Seals and birds pushed in by the wind.
On one of the cliff edges we spotted a Fox possibly one of the adults or cubs from 2011's family we filmed over a summer and as we have not seen them since then I feared the worst as there were not any sighting on any walks up there this year till my last day till 2013 but thank fully Foxes have returned here and hopefully this will be a held territory and cubs will be here in 2013 but until then here's a few shots of this beautiful fox in some amazing surrounding and they love to sunbathe and watch the people and dogs walking below them on the coastal path unaware they are being watched.
 I tried to creep closer and use an area of bracken for cover but she spotted me and headed off into the thick brush on the cliff which is hard to get to for any person so it was good to see the fox so shy and avoid letting a human to close to do them any harm.
 Next time I will post a few of the bird photos I got along the way that were not as unexpected as some of the other encounters of the week.
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  1. Love the fox photos - what a little beauty! I really should visit the Ormes living so close, shame on me!!!

  2. Thank you, if I lived near there I would go there 1-2 times a day.