Thursday 5 April 2012

First Badger in daylight of 2012

After a few days of feeding the Badgers of Brock wood its finally paying off as on one afternoon during the week one came out for a quick feed probably due to the number of days without any rain and hot sun drying up the ground making it very tough even for Badgers with the spade like claws so hopefully my Badger mix will help them out over this very dry week. I am hoping that over the next few weeks more of the clan will gain confidence to make an afternoon appearance in daylight hours. 
The Badgers spoil heeps seem bigger than last year so hopefully all the Badgers have survived and I am hoping that a few new arrivals will be playing in the cubby hole soon.
Thanks to the warm weather I have got there confidence earlier up earlier in the season as last year it was not till July until I saw my first Badger feeding out in the open a few metres from where I sat. As its only March I hope there will be more encounters and I can get some more footage of the Badger clan of Brock wood.

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  1. Thanks Andrew We have a new hide now where you can watch both areas from in comfort plus made the sett more secure with a removable bridge for visitors and well as fencing off to keep poachers out.