Wednesday 4 April 2012

Water levels dropping (March 28th)

As the warm weather continues around the country and drought warnings have been issued and on my local patch I have already noticed a drop in the river levels and my pond has totally dried up leaving a few pools of tadpoles and dried up pond weed.
 It was very upsetting seeing the pond in this state so we removed the tadpoles to a slow flowing stream next to the pond before it rains I shall see if I can get a pond liner so it will refill the pond then the work can begin again on the plants and and the bottom of the pond.
I also decided on kayaking on the river as the levels were perfect the sun was shining and the water was clear making the visibility perfect for looking for the many types of fish on the river Dane from the fast swimming barbel to the huge chub and small Minnows that feed on the surface where the groups of gnats fly above the waters surface.
The low water levels have also revealed other areas on the river where I thought Otters steered clear of but after the signs I found clearly show that they do which is fantastic find.
Tail drags and footprints
 I also gained some information this time when I was at work that a few miles upriver from my local patch Otters have been seen out on the river in the daytime so hopefully I can check that out very soon.

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  1. I love getting out in the sunny weather when everybody else is stuck in work and school as everywhere is so quiet.