Sunday 16 October 2011

Tawny glade hide - Birdtable is turned on its side whos done it???

 Over the past few days of visiting Tawny glade hide the ground table has been tipped over and all the food has been eaten this got me thinking about what creature had done it my first thought was the Grey Squirrels that get very focused on getting at food at any cost as they are very energetic and knock things around but could they tip it over so I am not so sure its them. Which leaves me with 2 mammals a Fox or Badgers and I know they are nearby but I did not think they were come any where near due to not seeing any signs in the area around the feeding station and I know foxes use areas of the wood due to there strong musky scent they leave when marking there territory's.
When I was there thinking of how to deal with this new set back I photographed a few Tits waiting to feed on the table and with the brown autumn leaves creating a wonderful background for a photo of them I thought a would take a few snaps.
So to determine what is knocking the table over I thought that sometime this week I will setup a camera trap to film the table overnight to see what animal is the culprit until then the mystery continues.

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  1. Good luck Mike... You might capture some wonderful images.