Friday 22 October 2010

Shot number 1+2+3 - Badger sett in/out and feeding

  Last night I took some peanuts and my UNIT camera trap which is like the Bushnell IR 8.0 but records audio as well as video down to Brock wood to try and get 3 different shots of badgers. The first was the badger coming up from the badger hole the second was the badger feeding and the third shot was a badger going back down the hole into the sett.

   After looking around the rest of the wood I found a entrance on the edge of the badger sett so not to disturb the main sett entrances. The entrance seemed to have recent signs of activity so I scattered down the peanuts and set up the camera trap and set off to my hide about 20 metres away to get some sleep nad dream of what footage might be captured on my camera.

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