Tuesday 16 August 2011

A new piece of kit A WI-FI camera trap!!!!!!!!!!

I received an email on Friday telling me about a new camera trap on the market that can be placed in a location and can be left undisturbed as you can access it by using a generated wifi network which is activated by a remote from 100 metres and then you can access the camera trap via a laptop, IPhone and download or delete photos, videos without having to touch the camera trap. I can't wait to use it should save me some time and I have a project perfect for testing and it involves an area of reed beds and the Otter raft which is now in on the water and floats perfectly so when I receive the kit and fingers crossed I can figure out how best to use the new piece of kit and all the features it has.

Below is the specs of the kit and hopefully after testing in the field it will be alvailable from my online shop if it does exactly what is says it does but it should be an interesting test.
This 10 megapixel trail camera features a 39 piece high intensity infrared flash which makes for clear day and night time pictures and videos. The Pulse 10D has rapid trigger speeds and a PIR sensor range of up to 60 feet. Its large LCD screen makes it easy to view and easy to program.  Remote access to the camera via a Wi-Fi device is possible with FieldNet technology from up to 300 feet away with no recurring fees (requires YN1 connectivity module)!

  • 39 Piece high intensity Infrared flash
  • Extremely powerful Strobe Flash
  • Flash range is up to 60 feet
  • WiFi capable with YN1 module - not included
  • Day and Night time video capability
  • Full Color TFT screen
  • Quickdraw™ triple PIR system for extremely fast trigger speeds
  • USB Cable included
  • Onboard batteries to retain date and time settings
  • Four D Sized Batteries


Imagine being able to view, edit, delete and share your game-camera images in the field up to 300 ft. away from where the camera is set up. Attach this module to a compatible Wildgame Innovations camera and work with your images on an iPhone® or Android smartphone or a PC/Mac laptop without disturbing the area around the camera. No more pulling and swapping memory cards. Just position yourself within 100 yards of the camera, use a remote control to activate the wireless connection and start viewing and working with images. What’s more, you can use this system independent from cellular networks because it sets up your own Wi-Fi hotspot similar to a wireless network in your home.
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