Saturday 28 May 2011

Dragonflys in the sun the perfect end to a perfect day

 On our way home from visiting a new Badger sett I discovered today I spotted 4 Dragonflies darting around near a small stream leading into a pond and they all seemed to be female Broad bellied darters and this is one insect I have never filmed or photographed before so I was eager to get as close as possible and get some close-up shots of them in flight and below is my attempt which I am pretty happy with, my best moment was recording them in slow motion the wing beats look fantastic slowed down and with abit of luck a few more Dragonfly species will be showing up in the area but fingers crossed a male Broad bodied chaser will be filmed over the next few days.

I am really pleased with how the photos came out especially as one thing I really love to capture when photographing wildlife close-up is a two tone or out of focus background as it really makes the creature standout and really brings out the detail what your photographing.
 I really love the detail on the shots below especially the wings and it really shows how manificient this insects are.
Below is two examples of an two tone colour background and out of focus background shot.
Heres a link to a page with abit more information on the Broad bellied chaser 

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  1. Lovely images of a cracking dragonfly

  2. Lovely photos, so much detail!

  3. Thankyou, It a first time I have seen this on my local patch.