Monday 25 April 2011

Back home and a what a difference a week makes!!!!!!!!

 After returning from my North wales filming trip I wanted to have a look around my local patch and see if there was any signs of mammal activity from Badger cubs at Brock wood, Otters on the river and I noticed straight away that how much foliage and greenery had shot up due to the warm weather of the past week. The woodland has been transformed the Bluebells are out and there is so much cover for wildlife to hide behind. I always seem to be surprised by the transformation from the dark and damp woodland in winter to the emerald green leaved canopy where the birds sing bringing the woodland back to life in spring.
I set up a Prowler HD to see if there were any cubs playing around the sett after sunset so videos will follow soon.
 I took this photograph as the sun went down on my first day back on my local patch.
Tomorrow I will be checking out the river and revealing a few changes and a few jobs I wanted to do near the land I was going to buy but as that's not possible anymore due to errors in the estate agents listing but I still call it by the name I was going to give the area "Halcyons rest".

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  1. Stunning photographs and we commented at the weekend how everything seems to have suddenly sprung up and out!

  2. Thankyou and its the best time of year for enjoying the outdoors and appreciating all the greenery.