Monday 25 April 2011

April North Wales trip in review PT3 OF 3

On the last few days of our filming trip in North Wales we set off to the River Clywd to meet a wildlife photographer and artist Martin Jones who is based in North Wales so he could show us around his local patch of the River the Clywd and the woodlands and nature park that runs a the long side of the river. We had a great day exploring the various ponds and lakes and saw some great wildlife from Sandmartins, Buzzards mating and some unusual birds that I would not have expected to see in this area. Martins a great bloke and is a really passionate artist who deserves all the praise he gets for his work so click on his photo below to visit his site so check it out.
Below is a few photographs that Martin managed to take on our walk on a cloudy and rainy day which turned out to be quite nice and I got some great info.
On the last day we went for a walk to Rhyl harbour and we saw these Turnstones using the boats as a roost at High tide they seemed to be having a rest and a preen and as this was happening lots of Sandwich Terns were flying over which looked amazing against the blue sky.
Checkout the name of the boat if only they new its just a shame theres not a boat called Turnstone now that would make a great photograph :0).
It was a great week and we came back with some great photos and videos so now its back to filming on my local patch and hopefully back onto tracking down the Otters and getting some footage with 2 new Bushnell Camera traps just realeased that I have just bought. I shall return to North Wales in June to try and get as much footage in the week as I can and visit some more of the local wildlife hotspots aswell as meet some fantastic wildlife watchers that live in the area.

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  1. Great and enjoyable series, Mike. Boom & Gary of the vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Thanks Gary, I am trying to post daily now.