Saturday 26 March 2011

A sunny week walking by the river

 As the weather has been warm and sunny this week I have been out on my local patch and seeing whats going on and wildlife is active on the rivers. I finally caught up with the Kingfishers this week after not seeing them since early winter and I thought they had not survived but they must have travelled to the coast to survive and return once the mild weather returned. They were alot further upriver and it looks like they have begun their courtship as a saw the male bird fly past me with a fish in its mouth meaning he is try to tempt a mate as I believe that a new female bird has moved into the area and is being admired by the resident male so hopefully they will breed in an area where they can be safe from predators and human threats. 
After 4 afternoons walking up and down the river noticing signs of spring from Butterfly's and Dragonfly's flying over the shallow clear water where the emerald green weed glistens in the midday sun while the groups of Sand martins return to there sandbanks where they build there nesting holes, aah how relaxing it was as some days I did not even take my DLSR or Camcorder out of my backpack due to soaking up the ambiance of the river.
It's going to get busy in the next few months as I think its going to be a good year for wildlife so I must really focus on filming so I may only post once or twice a week but I have bought an iPhone and joined twitter to so I can post updates to anyone who wishes to see what I am up to as I film my first 2 episodes of Diaries of a wildlife watcher whether I am down by the river in the pouring rain or on a boat looking for marine mammals I will try to post either here, Talk wildlife or Twitter at!/CWWMIKE

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  1. Beautiful shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.