Tuesday 22 March 2011

Unexpected Badger filming

 I ended up visiting a different sett today and the owner gave me some great information on the Badger group and said I could film when ever I wanted which is great as its so close to me but is well protected so my equipment and I should be undisturbed while filming this group so that's next weekend sorted but I will probably not be able to wait till then so maybe Wednesday or Thursday. I will use the triple threat camera setup giving me some great shots from this new group of Badgers, so I think I will name this group the river Badgers as they seem to have travelled a long way due there old sett being flooded by the river forcing them to leave. At request of the owner location and photos will be kept very secret due to worries of Badger baiters discovering the sett. 
Here's the results from what I captured on the prowler that night after locking it securely to a tree and putting down some food.
Badger cub???


  1. What an absorbing insight into the hidden world of the badger. Totally charming.

  2. Really interesting Mike. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River,Canada.

  3. Excellent footage Mike. You must have been excited when these scenes revealed themselves!