Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Visitors at my garden office window

I have been working from my garden office after dark this week planning filming trips and booking cottages in North Wales which will be my bases of operations over the summer for my second episode of  "Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher" The wild ormes of the north which I cannot wait to begin filming at the end of February. More information about the episode is at the link below. 

Wild ormes of the North

Last night I looked out of the window and sitting on the fence was a Mouse and they normally appear at this time of year due to the bird food littering the floor and as usual in the hedge behind more appeared and if they are not controlled the population can explode so rather than use the old syle kill traps I catch and release them at brock wood to increase the mouse population there as they will help keep the Barn owls, Tawny owls, Kestrels and other mammals in the wood with food.
I will try and film the Mice in nightvision from my office window this week by using the best bait around which is peanut butter.


  1. I love your films,I feel as if I`m there,transported to your beautiful land.
    I like the idea of trapping the little bugger mice,I never use poison or anything as I don`t want a bird or something to get a poisoned mouse & die from it.Inside the house I`ve been using those victor mouse deterriants,they are plugged into your wall recepticle & make a sound that I can`t hear,but the mice can.I know that they work as 2 years ago I discovered I had a huge problem with mice when I woke up to my kitchen counter of tomatoes gone through by mice,they had left their calling cards.It was summer-don`t figure why they were inside in the summer-& I let the window up at night when I went to bed.I plugged in the device & when I woke up & checked,they had eaten a hole through the wire screen to get out & away from that sound, I can only assume.But anyways,you have a great blog here,phylliso in the usa

  2. Thankyou very much, the mice are great to watch but they are very distracting when I am trying to get some work done.