Monday 10 January 2011

Building a bird feeding station

This afternoon I went to Croxton nature park which is about five minutes from my home it a small area of land that runs along side the river Dane and the Trent and Mersey canal the area used to be a refuge site but now its area for wildlife with apple trees, plenty of grassland also there are lots of seed bearing plants growing in the summer and to complete the area there is 3 picnic benches which makes the area a great place to relax on sunny day. 
I went to Croxton nature park to build a bird feeding station as the birds in the area really struggled during the last spell of snow and more is expected before the end of winter so I really needed to get it done.
  To start the feeding station I built a bird table using an old document tray with some holes in to let any rain water out and I also put up an old branch for use as a stand to hang fat treats on and on a tree nearby I hung a fat treat feeder to give the shier birds a chance to get some food without fearing predators like the Buzzards.
I hope to add some more bird feeders to the area for peanuts and sunflower seeds once they arrive in the post sometime this week. Once the birds find the food I will take a chair hide down and get some photos and video of the birds feeding at the station and hopefully the Woodpeckers in the area will come for a feed as it is a bird that I have never filmed or photographed yet.

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  1. You'll get them that's how I got my chickadee photos that I posted last week and this week. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.