Sunday 2 January 2011

Building a hide at Brock wood

 This week I hope to visit my local woodland to build a semi permanent hide so I can take people to watch the badgers that live there the hide hide will have a small bench in. I will build from branches and for the main hide structure will be a large fishing umbrella shelter for the roof which I will take home with me as and when I intend to use the hide as without the umbrella there it will look just like a piece of the woodland scenery once the summer foliage comes back.
I do not really want to build something to big or something that stands out just in case anybody wishing to cause damage for fun finds it and another thing is the hide will be very close to a badgers sett so I can watch and film the badgers from a comfortable position without disturbing them.


  1. Sounds like it will work well, and I hope to see the badgers. Boom & Gary Of the Vermilon.

  2. Well if all goes well I will be watching Badger cubs very soon.

  3. You have an ingenious project planned out. It will be exciting to see your new films!