Thursday 9 December 2010

More Waxwings on a blue sky day

After getting back from Marbury park yesterday I decided to take a quick walk around make local patch before the sun goes down at about 3pm and decided to leave my kit at home due to carrying it around all day but as most wildlife photographers know this is usually one of these times where you get an encounter and you have no camera to capture the moment and true to the wildlife watchers curse asI got about 5 minutes down the road and I looked up and in the tree there were about 30-40 Waxwings in a tall tree close to some red berrie trees and as it was a blue sky day and the sun was shining. 

So I ran back for my DSLR and HD camcorder and luckily they were still there when I got back, but the group had gotten smaller and in the end I did get the shots I wanted.
So if we see anymore Waxwings I think that rather than take photographs of them I think that i will enjoy the beauty of these amazing birds that seem to be in large numbers feeding in the Cheshire area this winter as this year is the first time I have seen  them on my local patch.

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