Friday 3 September 2010

Filming begins on Diarys of a cheshire wildlife watcher intro

Before I can sit down and get some editing work done I always have to go for a walk to get some inspiration, normally its by my local river or down the country lanes on the outskirts of Middlewich on this outing I found a young Long tailed tit watching me from high up in an Oak tree.
 After my short walk I began working on the intro for diary's of a Cheshire wildlife watcher. I started by doing a storyboard to workout the shots I need to get for the 30 second intro clip that will feature before each episode of the series.
The photo above is one of my favourite shots taken by my brother as it really inspired me in the creation of the introduction clip. Before I put any video clips together I need to find some suitable music that will fit with my footage.

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