Monday 6 September 2010

Camera trapping the River Weelock

  This weekend I camera trapped a different river near my house the weelock which runs into the river dane. Its the first time I have camera trapped the river weelock and the bait I chose was peanuts ,Salmon chucks and a chicken carcass from Friday nights dinner. On Sunday morning I went to get the camera trap and there were about 18 videos recorded and the most of the bait was still there As I had my net book with me I decided to check them straight away and was surprised by what I had recorded.

 I had recorded 2 mice feeding on the peanuts and surprisingly in the water by the bank with the food on I could see the small fish probably minnows and a chub in the shallow water feeding on the odd bits of food that had fallen in the water near the camera.
On a few videos there was a larger fish but I cannot tell if its an pike, eel or a larger chub as most of the fish is off screen therefore I can't see its tail fin to identify. Also there was splashing just below the trap and plants were being rustled so I am not sure if it was the fish or a mammal staying off screen.
I think next time I camera trap here I will focus on the water and place the chicken in the more shallow water to see if I can record the large chub, pike or eel on a full screen for proper identification.

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