Thursday 2 September 2010

Strange looking spider by the pond

As I walked by my local pond I saw this unusual spider on a dead reed leaf and I have never seen it before so I got a few photos to help me identify it when I got home. After abit of research I found the information I was looking for but the photo did not match mine but the description said depending on where they are found the colouring can be different.
Common stretch-spider
Latin name: Tetragnatha extensa
Size: The female has a body length of up to 11mms, while the male is slightly smaller, growing to around 9mms.
Distribution: Found throughout the UK.
Months seen: May to September.
Habitat: Found on low growing vegetation, usually near water or boggy areas.
Food: Insects which it catches in a web.
Special features: The body colour can vary from creamy-yellow to green. When alarmed, it stretches its long legs out straight along a branch, in an effort to disguise itself.

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