Sunday 11 July 2010

Visiting the Point of Ayr , North Wales

Today i wanted to visit point of ayr which is located on the north wales side of the Dee estuary and has lots of wanders and seabirds visiting the RSPB reserve.When the wind is blowing the right direction skuas and petrol's have been reported.I saw a few egrets on the inland sand banks but the tide was out so there was not many waders.
  Near the rspb hide which was burnt down by vandals a year ago I found lots of cocoons on a metal fence which were opening in large numbers they turned out to be a Burnett moths which a red which black dots on there wings this gave me the idea of doing a time lapse video of the one of the pupa's hatching into the moth. Unfortionately i didn't have the equipment but now i know where and when they hatch i will try next year on the same day as long as the conditions are the same.
 Here's some photos I got of all three stages of the Burnetts moths life.

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