Friday 9 July 2010

Exploring the Little Orme PT 1

 As I arrived at llandudno today decided to the explore the little orme and angel bay as i got to the path which leads to the down to the area where angel bay is located, the view is beatuiful as you have a clear view of the irish sae, at the bottom of there is a bench on its own so you can sit down and look at the sea and look for dolphins and seals.  To the left there is a steep climb down to a small beach and the bay is angel bay at the end of the beach is a small cave where i think the seals might pup on the beach there is lots of sea weed and pebbles and the water is clear and blue.
kitiwakes, gannets and comronats use the little ormes cliffs as a pitstop on the way to the sea bird cliffs on the orme.

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