Thursday 17 June 2010

Photographing the Banded Demoiselle mating

 Another warm and breezy day here in Cheshire so I went down to the river to see if I could photograph Damselflys in there mating pose as I have a secret area where they breed in huge numbers and can be seen laying there eggs, mating and feeding on midges. No sooner than I had got out my camera a couple got together and began to mate above the water and then they flew locked together and landed on a plant for 2-3 minutes then they separated.
The female then landed on some river weed to lay her eggs underwater without getting swept away by the current which lasted 3-4 minutes.
Once finished she let go and off she floated downriver to a reed which she managed to climb up and out of the river. She then waited until the sun dried out her wings then she took off down the river.
Safe and sound



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