Friday 18 June 2010

Tawny owl update, Butterfly filming and a Buzzard

This afternoon I wanted to check to see if the Tawny owl family were still around and they were. I managed to film the adult which was right next to the owlet but I just missed filming them together which would have been a fantastic shot.
Tawny Owl raids a nest
 I also noticed that there were lots of Butterfly's by the canal so I decided to have ago at filming them which was very difficult as every time I got close they would take off and land on another flower further down the canal.
Beautiful Butterfly's
On my way back home I spotted a Buzzard hovering like a kestrel high in the sky as there was a strong headwind blowing which gives Buzzards the right conditions to hover instead of having to circle around to search for prey they can stay in one place and watch a whole area of farmland without having a blind spot.
Buzzard hovering high


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