Wednesday 16 June 2010

Finding Dragonflies, Carp and a big Coot family

As today was hot with a decent breeze I set off to some canal side ponds a few miles from my home to try and find somewhere with plenty of dragonfly's. I arrived at the ponds and there were lots of different Dragonfly's darting about on the surface feeding I managed to film a newly hatched dragonfly on a reed but I am not sure what species it was but hopefully I can get back down there next week for a few hours to film them.
I also saw a huge Coot family with 7 young of different sizes normally I have only seen them with 3-4 young on the pond but this year they was plenty of food and cover but unfortunately they are right next to a railway. Lets hope Foxes don't discover them as it would be great to see them all get to adulthood.
Big family
They were lots of carp feeding I think they were Mirror carp on the pond surface but they seemed very calm and staying on the surface for along time and this was something I have never seen before especially so many which made me think they were getting ready to spawn very soon as they were not feeding.


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