Monday 21 June 2010

Filming Dragonflys at a carp pond by the canal

Today was a a day perfect for filming Dragonfly's on a carp pond by the canal luckily they were plenty about and it seemed each dragonfly had a perch it would return to. I managed to film a Four-spotted Chaser which was the easiest to get to but there were also Broad Bodied Chasers, Common Darters, Emperors and Common Hawkers darting all over the pond, mating and feeding on midges as well as dodging Carp.
 Four Spotted Chaser

When I checked at a different fishing peg I saw this male Damselfly struggling to get out of the water. It began to get surrounded by pond skaters looking for an easy meal but I prefer there species group name which sounds better as there called water Striders.
 Drowning Damselfly


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