Sunday 20 June 2010

Filming underwater, Little owl closeup and a Red Damselfly

I had a great idea yesterday on how I could film underwater in HD without having to buy an expensive housing to keep my camcorder dry. I discovered an old small lightweight fish tank in my arsenal so what I thought I could do was put my camcorder in it and keep it in place with a beanbag and hold the tank under the water without letting it go over the edge of the tank and soaking my camcorder. 
Luckily I know a place where the river is shallow and there is plenty of minnow to test the quality of filming underwater I was so pleased with the results check it out below. Later that day I went for an evening walk and along a country road called coal pit lane where many mammals, birds and insects can be found. l walked around the corner close to the cottage and something flew out from a small apple tree by the road into a tree further away. As I focused my camera on to it I realized that it was a Little owl and that it was probably a male bird keeping an eye on its territory.
I could not believe that its the second species of Owl that are known to be in my area and I have seen them all in one month. Now all I need now is to photograph and film a Barn owl so fingers crossed. Recently I got a tip that pays off a dog walker who told me that some where near the canal. People have seen them hunting in the early evening from June to August. So that's this weeks challenge as long as the weather stays warm and dry to film/photograph a Barn Owl.
On my way back I walked by the river and spotted this little beauty which I have never photographed before after abit of research I found out its called a Large Red Damselfly, a perfect name for it except its not very large but it is red so I guess you can't argue with that.



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