Wednesday 9 September 2015

Under the sea and Shelducks at Conwy

After a week and half of waiting for some warm weather with no wind blowing inland I finally got the opportunity to film in my secret bay where they is plenty of marine life under the water a few meters off the tide line. Unfortunately when we arrived I noticed a huge number a Jellyfish floating around, on the sea floor and hidden in the kelp/sea weed. As I did not want to get stung but not wanting to miss this opportunity to test my Action camera in a marine environment (The cameras are available here). I got my thermal shorts on and muscle top as I thought it beast not to fully submerge. I decide on using my selfie stick and float with a mount on to get a few test pieces of footage while avoiding getting stung.
 Me and my Action camera on a selfie stick
I kept having to keep an eye out behind me for any Jellyfish that may hit me on the back of my leg. Here's a lovely clear view before the plankton messed up the clarity as the sea started to get rough due to the tide changing.
Some of the Jellyfish under the water and what inevitably ended my filming
Here's a little piece of sample footage I managed to film and you will see a few of the Jellyfish and how clear the Irish sea is:

After leaving the bay we headed to Conwy to stock up on food supply's from a local shop in the main town. On our way back we spotted 2 Shelducks feeding quite close to the edge of the mud banks on the estuary. I have never properly photographed one feeding in it's unique way of filtering through the mud with its large red beak.
Conwy estuary on a Summers day

A few of the Shelduck feeding by putting all it's beak under the water
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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