Saturday 19 January 2013

Snow day- A trek around my local patch

After work on Friday afternoon we decided on going for a long walk around my local patch and as it was snowing quite heavily with already 20cm it was getting deeper.
Below is a few photographs I took on the afternoon where we walked miles by canals, river, lakes and streams through woods & forests like snow covered dreams.
This Gull took refuge from the snow storm to preen on a canal boat
Canal Aqueduct over the river Dane
The beggining of the journey by River which looked like a scene in Narnia

Darkness fell as we returned home via the canal
Poor Robin looks very hungry here but after I put some dog food down he seemed quite happy
The Badgers have been active in the snow as you can see from there sett holes
Berrie laden trees that I am sure will be emptied by the Redwings and Fieldfares
Kayak in the snow this morning

At my local wood we tracked a Fox which turned out to be 2 that ran straight past us and into the thicker woodland. They looked so colorful against the glowing white snow and hopefully I can get a photo or footage of them together. They looked like a male fox in good condition following a female until she's ready to mate.

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  1. Nice photo's. I have never tried the birds on dog food before!

  2. Thank you, yeah they love it they feed wild young birds with it at the animal rescue hospitals. I put out for the birds the Badgers and the Foxes. It was a huge tin a bought in N.Wales and left in my case since last year so I thought perfect time to use.

  3. Oh right - as they say you learn something new everyday! I have given it to rats etc before. Even my gerbil loves it!

  4. Yes and I learn something new to Gerbils love it as well.