Sunday 20 November 2011

I finally got a half decent photo of a shy Treecreeper at TGH

A quick post today about a little bird that's tricky to get a photograph of due to its shy nature and its speedy way of feeding up and down tree trunks but this individual began feeding on the tree trunks next to my hide feeding station so we were very close and was unaware of our presence. After trying to get the photo of the bird still and after timing the shot as the Tree creeper was at the perfect height to get a photo of I managed to get the photo below and I was quite pleased as every time I have tried to photograph them in the past they have been in dark woodland or too high in the trees so the photos always came out rubbish.
 It snacked on many Earwigs it found underneath the bark on the tree trunk I ried to get a photo but it turned and looked up into the canopy probly due to the return of the GSW  as the apple is just below where the Treecreeper was feeding.
The final photograph is of a Coal tit that decided to fly inside the hide through one of the lens holes and help itself to the seed bucket but it soon flew back out once it realsied we were in there and then it landed on the feeder wire and looked over as if to say that was close.
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  1. Great images Mike... and well done for capturing the Coal Tit as they never stay still.
    Treecreepers are always lovely to see.

  2. Great tree creeper shots! I've never got anywhere near to photographing them, always way off in dark/ivy covered trees.

  3. Thanks for the comments, I accidently built the hide next to the perfect trees with crevices where insects can hide so I think they will be feeding there often. My next target bird at the Tawny glade hide is the Bullfinch and I want to film/photograph them and as I have heard and seen them there I should beable to soon.

  4. Oh congratulations on your amazing photos! How fun that Coal tit came right in. Love that!