Saturday 12 September 2015

Dragonfly rescue and my first Redstart

While we were up Conwy mountain enjoying the lovely sunny Welsh weather I spotted quite alot of birds with great views in the Background. I spotted a bird that I had never seen before but I have been looking for in the area for a few years.
Here you can see Conwy Castle and Rspb Conwy

Below is a Stonechat I photographed with Conwy castle in the background
 I also got this shot abit closer to a Male Stonechat which I was quite pleased with due to how sharp the image was due to the position of the sun.
While enjoying a break half way up the mountain I noticed a Meadow Pipit with food in it's mouth so there must have been a nest close to where we were picnicking, we quickly moved away so the bird could feed its young.
 One bird I was quite pleased to see was a Redstart on a stone wall around a sheep field. It was quite flighty and as I have never spotted one before a record shot rather than a artistic photograph was better than nothing. Now I know there in this area I can keep going back to get a better photograph in the future.
 It flew into an area of Gorse in the middle of a field so I could not get any closer
One of the beautiful views from Conwy mountain
Up the top of the mountain close to Pensychant there are a few shallow pools. There was one larger shallow clear pool full of a tadpoles which was nice to cool down my feet in after walking so many miles along the coast and up the mountain. Just before a dog was about to jump in the pond I spotted a 4 spotted chaser struggling to get out of the water. Luckily I manged to grab the Dragonfly before the dog landed on it and for the next 30 mins the Dragonfly dried out on my hand while walking down the hill to a more secluded pool I then placed the Dragonfly on my brothers hand to get a photograph before it flew away and onto a reed on the pond.
Drying out on my hand taken on my Iphone
On my brothers finger before it was released
Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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