Wednesday 1 August 2012

Wind turbines- Beauty or blot on the landscape???

Just a quick photograph taken on my last trip to North Wales of an offshore wind farm at sunrise but having heard so many negatives about them and that they destroy the view of the Irish sea and are effecting sea bird numbers I can't make my mind up about them. But in this photo they do look quite peaceful and some what beautiful in the early morning light.
More information on this particular wind farm:


  1. I have to say I prefer them out at sea than up in the mountains where I walk but hate the fact that birds apparently fly into them which I only recently discovered. I know this view very well as I live in North Wales

  2. I've had similar conversations with Sharon about this, where we walk in north wales you can see these turbines out at sea, and I think that is where I would prefer to see them. As other sources of fuel will inevitably run out, alternatives must be sought and turbines seem to be a viable option, out at sea is by far the best location, but it is a real issue if they are going to affect sea birds, not sure what the answer is on that though!

  3. Same here really, you both have good points but as far as I know the bird colonys on the ormes seem to be doing very well with most of the sea birds nesting in healthy numbers in the North Wales area and seem to be increasing in numbers. I think Gannets are the main ones that usually are victims of offshore wind farms but I have seen quite a few lately and I think sometime in the near future Gannets will be breeding on the Ormes if they are not nesting already maybe there are a few hidden in the sea bird colonies.
    I think the turbines also provide perches/resting spots for migraint birds during bad weather so theres a positive for them. Its a shame they don't do boat trips there to explain how they work?.