Thursday 11 October 2012

Deer aplenty and annoying people to!!! 2 OF 3

So for my 2nd post from my weekend trip to Tatton park I have decided to post about the other photographers and public around the Deers as they are rutting as sometimes it very worrying seeing how unaware some people are as they walk with there dogs right into Stags that are resting in the long grass.
For example the bloke above walked into this stag which was awkward to watch to say the least and this stand off lasted a few minutes but the Stag settled back down in the grass as I think it could not believe he was wearing shorts in October!!!!
Regarding some photographers that were taking photos of the Deer seemed to just walk out of know where and either disturb the Deer or get right in the shot which is annoying of some selfish photographers that really just put me off going there every weekend but saying that I am going back this weekend.
The Stags below had a little practice session which lasted a huge amount of time well about 10 seconds but next time I am hoping for some more clashes which I will be filming from a safe location maybe under a camo net over a collapsed tree if I can find a harem nearby to one so rather than walk around the park taking photographs I hope to hide up and see if the Deers bring the action nearer to us but one things for sure my kit bag is going to be very heavy.
One thing I love about the rut is watching the larger stags as they stride proudly with there heads in the air as they challenge and way up an opponent to see if a bout can be avoided by the roaring and striding passed each other.

Here's some of my favorite photographs of the Red Deer:
 Next time I will be posting some of my favourite photographs of the Fallow Deer I took last weekend.

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  1. Lol have to laugh Mike - Gary gets annoyed about people (and things like fences and cars) getting into his photos too - we're lucky that we have a week day off so it's a lot quieter but even last Friday when it was reasonably quiet we noticed a lot of dogs off leads really close to the deer at Tatton Park. We're planning on going back as well before the end of the month - have you been to Dunham Massey, how does it compare to Tatton Park for the deer?

  2. Yes I normally go in the week as I only work mornings but as I don't drive it takes a few buses to get there but well worth it as by car it's about 10 minutes away so very close to me. Never been to Dunham Massey as it's abit out of my way but I don't think it's much different than Tatton and as Tatton park is under threat from becoming a theme park I want to make the most of this years rut. It normally kicks off alot more last week in October so that's should be in the middle of the action it seemed to be building this morning with lots of small clashes and pacing.