Sunday 14 June 2015

A walk through the Bluebell woodland

With all this warm spring weather were having at the minute I decided on taking a walk through one of the only Bluebell woodlands on my local patch in Cheshire. It was lovely to see all the reeds and pond marigolds growing up to the sun before the woodland canopy thickens up. 
While sitting with my back against an old Oak tree looking into a patch of Bluebells I spotted a Fox running off into the undergrowth. I think I may return to this woodland this week just to sit in silnce with my camera and hopefully something may wander my way if I'm lucky.
 One of my photograph areas for Weasels fingers crossed
 Lovely Bluebell photograph taken on my I-phone
Quite a relaxed afternoon out in the Cheshire wilderness at one of my favorite times of year when the birds are singing and building nests the Bees are buzzing and the outdoors has the smell of flowers but most of all I love the sudden rise of the greenery from the stinging nettles to the reeds. I just love the British countryside in Spring when everything begins a new and Winter is giving it's last few frosty fresh mornings before the heat of spring finally kicks in.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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