Wednesday 10 June 2015

A walk in the Spring rain

A few weeks ago on a rainy and warm Sunday morning I decided going for an early morning wander by the river and canal. While on my walk I noticed a few Amphibians out enjoying the wet weather. On the canal towpath I nearly stepped on this Toad coming out of the canal and heading towards the nearby river. As I did not have a Macro lens with me I used my Iphone to get a few close up photographs to get in the surrounding Landscape behind the Toad.
He did not seem bothered about me taking photographs and before I left I popped him in the vegetation out of the way of any bikes or Dog walkers.
As the rain got harder I decided to checkout a small pond and nearby which was under some trees and as I arrived a Heron was hunting there and it dropped a small Newt before flying off, it seemed fine. Next to the pond there is some corrugated sheets so I took the Newt there as I have seen them under the sheets in the winter time.
 I thought I would get some photographs for Identification before I put the Newt under the sheets so It could recover
 It looks quite prehistoric in this photograph
 I think it's a smooth newt and after taking the photographs I placed it safely under the sheet with a few others
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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  1. Hi. 100% certain ID - that is a Great Crested Newt. cheers, Tim.