Wednesday 17 June 2015

A few wild and not so wild finds

While out and about I often find lots of areas where I can photograph some great British wildlife and birds but I also find some odd items which I can recycle and reuse myself. Below is a few wild and not wild items I've found over the past few weeks.
 It's strange what you find in the woods sometimes, the first few chapters were missing. I've the watched Tv show and it was crap so maybe that's what somebody's been using it for. It was totally dry and in good condition but I left it there in the Bluebell woods.
One thing I love about the Spring and summer is monitoring nests to see how many eggs get laid, how many hatch and how many successfully fledged. I have found a few in some really stunning views around the nests which are perfect for filming without disturbance. While walking through a river gulley I spotted this Blackbirds nest a couple of meters from the ground.
I used my I-phone to see if the nest was being used and I found 4 eggs in the nest
I found this nest next to the canal but unfortunately it got predated a few days ago possibly by Magpies/Squirrels. If you can tell me what bird laid the egg's I would appreciate it very much.
With my job I get to spend lots of time outside so it's always good to visit different places on my local patch each day. On one afternoon I headed off to check one of my Sparrow hawk feeding sites, this is where they take there prey and remove all the feathers then they enjoy there meal undisturbed. Most birds of prey do this as in the breeding season it keeps predators and pests away from there nests.
 On this particular day I found the usual feathers dotted around the area and on the moss tree where they sit and pluck off the feathers, I looked closely at the moss and I spotted a birds beak under the feathers. This allowed me to identify what bird the Sparrowhawk had fed on, I am thinking it belonged to a Goldfinch as it matches a few photographs I've taken plus there were a few feathers which match the Goldfinches plumage.
 My best non wild finds of late has to be a 2 person lightweight tent which somebody decided to dump by the river because the bags zip had broken. It looks almost new so It will be perfect for camping over the summer by the river, sea & woodlands.
 While on the North Wales coast I few weeks ago I found a unique item which I had to bring back and that item was something unexpected. The item I found was a replica light saber and it had probably been dropped in the sea by an overexcited Jedi and it had washed up into a cave on the beach to await it's new owner. I am getting carried away as it sounds like a plot for the new movie ;-p
 My most recent find was a fishing trolley which is cosmetically abit rusty but in good shape, all it needs is a new Tyre and as I have a few from my kayak trolley I won't have to spend a penny ;-). It will be perfect for kayaking my camping, filming and kayaking gear if I am heading off for an evening or day locally. Whether I find something wild or useful the two for me go hand in hand as the best way to save the wildlife and planet is to recycle and as you can see I find some pretty useful things.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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