Thursday 14 March 2013

Filming Swans feeding underwater

After filming the Swans above water I wanted to film them feeding underwater on the following day but as I had left my underwater case and pole at home I had to come up with an idea of how I could make a basic case that I could hold underwater. In the end I used a 2 litre empty drinks bottle with the top cut off then packing in the Go pro with socks to keep the camera steady and in the best position.
On the test day it was cloudy and cold which made the water darker but it still had good visibility and as I forgot to find some food which would sink to get them feeding on the bottom of the pool it was trial and error plus a good test for when I have my proper case with me.
 In the end I used chocolate muffin which seemed to go down well and I got a few bits of footage and if that's the quality with not much light then in the sun using the proper kit then the quality will be outstanding.
Next time-Some close up Seal footage
 On the way back from the Swans we walked back from the Little orme summit this Fulmar arrived back on the cliffs calling to it's mate:
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