Monday 22 June 2015

A new place to photograph Wildlife

Last week we decided on taking an afternoon to walk to checkout an area of countryside we visited over the winter season. The area has a river, woodland, a few small pools for waders and lots of farmland.
A panorama of the area where you can look down onto lots of farmland down to the river
One of the larger pools where two Swans have decided to call home but there not nesting
The two Foxes were close to a woodland so they could be a pair and have cubs nearby. So I've found another area to explore another time. When I tried to get closer the Foxes disappeared into the hedgerow. I had a quick look there and all I could find were a few droppings and plenty of Rabbit holes.
We spotted this Owl box below where the Foxes were hunting. I am not sure if there's anything using the box but I will be keeping an eye out as the Nature footpath goes right below it.
 The male Mute seemed to be protecting his female rather than any nest due to there being no vegetation to build with
I spotted this Wader on a different pool but I am not sure what it is possibly a Redshank??
  On the way back we spotted these Guinea fowl grazing in a field
I hope to return again this week to hopefully put some time into photographing the Foxes as well as checking out the woodland and a few other nearby areas. On my way back I noticed I dropped my camo snood on my way back and as it was a long walk back home I did not fancy going back to find it.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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