Friday 5 September 2014

Kayaking on the lake at sunset with Swans

Last week I enjoyed a lovely few hours kayaking on the lake at sunset with Flash and his 4 cygnets. As usual they were keen to have a few Sugar puffs from the front of my kayak plus have a few pecks of me and my boat.
 I managed to film the scene from my Kayak on my Iphone which was a nice experience
Calm water, Curlews and Gulls calling plus a stunning sunset was a bonus

Holding my I-phone just on the waters surface
Beautiful end to the day as a cold chill came in as the sun went below the horizon
It won't be long till the Swans are enjoying ripe apples that fall from the trees into the canal
On the way to the lake I passed the river and I thought I should get a few panorama photographs before the leaves fall from the trees and the river Dane looks totally different. I hope to get one panorama from this spot each season and hopefully this winter we shall get some snow. As last winter we had no frosts at all and the water never froze on the rivers and canals which I was glad about as I had my Canal boat then. I only noticed the other day that it's nearly been a year on the 1st of October when I first purchased my Cruiser that I had to sell due to health issues the boat was causing me.
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