Wednesday, 9 February 2011

RC Gooses first test on the canal - Good but not great

 As the day was sunny and a slight breeze blew across the fields I thought that is was about time to get my kit together and head down to Croxton flashes with my RC Goose with built in camera to see if there are any issues with the goose and straight away I realized that I had forgotten the RC remotes Ariel so I could only get the Goose about 10 metre's away from the bank before I lost signal but as soon as we arrived the wind picked up and kept blowing the goose back to the bank. 
So with abit of bread we tempted some swans closer to the Goose which reacted as they would to a Canada goose coming to close to them and hissing so its realistic enough no problems there and the angle on the camera was good. 
The main issue was there is still a hole where water is getting inside the goose so  I will find the aerial and refill the seal with more fish tank sealant and retest on the next calm day but I have some footage from the test from the main Gooses eye view camera and I filmed with a camcorder on a tripod for another camera angle so i will edit something together sometime this week as its about time I got back to the Otters now that the rivers have returned to normal so hopefully there will be Otter footage in the few days.
World Bird Wednesday


  1. Interesting post, Mike. Gary and Boom of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Thankyou Gary I like coming up with crazy ideas.

  3. Great idea Mike,what sort Sony Monitor are you using.
    Seems a great box of tricks.