Friday 12 September 2014

Cool evening walk as Autumn sets in

With the season changing from Summer to Autumn I have started going on an evening walk as I really love the evening temperature change as the sun starts to set early and a cold chill fills the air. While the nights are still light and relatively warm I have been doing a different walk each evening. The other evening we headed off on a walk which takes about 30 minutes on a round trip from my home. You get to walk down country roads, over rivers through woodlands and over farmland including crop fields. One thing that stood out was this young llama that seemed curious as we walked past it's field as it grazed with the rest of its family.
A rather nice walk especially as I don't have to go far from home plus on this same walk in the past I have seen Little Owls, Foxes, Buzzards, Hares and Weasels.

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