Thursday, 3 February 2011

Evening walks in the dark countryside

Over the last week or two I have been going for walks on my local patch at 5.00pm just before dark and we only take our torches and hi-vis jackets as it gets very dark down the by the river and the country lanes. We noticed that as soon as the sun went down all the nocturnal creatures began to call as if to announce that it was there time.  

Most of the calls we heard were from a Tawny owl, Barn owl and a fox with its chilling winter call and when your in the dark in the middle of field its alot more scary than hearing it in your garden. But the most amazing thing at the flashes which we watched was last night, it was very cold so the sky was clear and was a nice red colour and as the sun went down but still with abit of light left we heard the screech of the Barn owl nearby as usual and then over the horizon a big group of Canada Geese flew over honking as they arrived and they landed at Croxton flashes which is lake built onto a canal and more arrived in much smaller groups, they may be a common bird to see but in the light of sunset they were simply breathtaking.  
If I can film in night vision using an Ir setup as well as a HD camcorder depending if they arrive before or after sunset.
I popped down this afternoon to do some slow-motion filming of the group in the light of day at the flashes and I also took a few photos which are above.


  1. That close up of the goose looks like one I posted earlier, Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. There a great bird especially when there in a large group.